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When the heets delivery Sharjah deliver your IQOS heet cigarettes they come in a kit that has a small pocket charger, a holder that heats up the tobacco with a heating blade, a cleaner for the IQOS device, there are also about ten sticks found in the kit that is used for cleaning the smoking device, a USB cord, and lastly an AC power supply, all these are the instruments that have been brought together by the manufacturer to ensure you have the best experience when you use your heat stick. To properly enjoy your smoking sessions, you have to know how to properly use all the equipment found in the kit and how to use the most important thing which is the IQOS heet cigarette itself.

Here are a few tips on how to use the heat stick. The Proper Use Of The IQOS Heet Cigarette

Make Sure It Is Charged

If you are using it for the first time the first thing you have to do first before using it is to ensure it is charged, even if you are a regular user you should also ensure that it is fully charged and it takes about ninety minutes for the heat stick to charge properly.

Handy Tips to Use IQOS the Right Way - SupremeTourism


The First Step

The first thing you do after the heat stick e-cigarette is fully charged is unplugging it from the charger because you do not want it to overcharge and then damage the battery life.

The Second Step 

After unplugging the device, the next thing, you do is to insert the tobacco stick into the device and make sure the nicotine or tobacco side faces downwards not upwards. 

Handy Tips to Use IQOS the Right Way - SupremeTourism


The Third Step

On the body of the heat stick you should see a button, press on that button for a few seconds till a led light comes on when the light comes on it would just be flashes of green light, when the green light becomes more stable and it is just shining green and not flashing, you are now ready to use the heat stick.

The Fourth Step

You can use the heat stick for about 15 puffs before the led light turns red which indicates that the heating cycle is done and about to end, you would still be able to take one or two puffs before the light goes off completely.

The Fifth Step

When you are done smoking the next thing to do is take out the tobacco stick from the heat stick by sliding the cap on the holder upwards.


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