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When it comes to preparing for trips, it is important to pack all the necessary things that are required. Yacht trips will enable you to experience the beautiful blue skies and the crystal blue ocean. Having all the items you need will enable you to experience an exciting yacht trip.

Safety Boat Equipment

Safety equipment for your cheap yacht rental Dubai trip is very important, and it is also needed by law. This is because in case of any issue the safety equipment will come in handy. Items like fire extinguishers, flares, horns, and other types of safety items must be on board as well. In case if you are missing some of the safety items, don’t forget to have them on board before starting your trip.

safety equipment


Documents and IDs

When going on a yacht trip, you must carry copies of your license and passport. If you are taking prescription medication along with you need to make sure that the details and name are included in the bottle. If you do not have the license to operate the boat, you can grab the chance to hire a captain, if necessary. Otherwise, you must be equipped with all your documentation when you rent a yacht for the trip.

Essential Electronics

For proper safety inspections, you need electronic equipment and full boat navigation, which is required to be on board and are operational. The items are namely GPS devices, nautical charts, and cell phones. For boating safety reasons, make sure to check if the radio works well so that it can be used during emergencies. You must have all these items in your yacht when you are stopped for an inspection by the Coast Guard.

First Aid Kit

Before you sail for your trip, take a look at your boating first aid kit and see what is in there. Remember, gauze, bandages, antiseptic cream must always be there, along with a few more things as well. You can add antihistamine medicine for decongestants, allergies and pain medicines. Apart from that, you must also include medication for fever, and if you have medicine prescribed by the doctor.

marine yacht first aid kit

Snacks and Drinks

Bring food and water to your yacht trip is something that should be done without saying. Be sure to insulate them properly into portable coolers if the cabin refrigerator is not the option. Plan out what you need to cook and make sure the meals and drinks you carry are enough for everyone on board.

When you wish to go on a yacht in Dubai, make sure to carry all the important things that you will need during the trip.


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