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Pilates – fitness technique created by Joseph Pilates for postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance. It is an exercise that can help achieve a desirable body shape as well. At pilates studio Dubai, you will have the advantage of learning pilates from certified instructors. Qualified practitioners suggest a set of techniques for each individual depending on their capabilities and other factors. Read these six proven advantages of pilates to gain a better understanding:

Intense Workout

Pilates sessions include workout of the entire body. Intense doesn’t mean you have to devote long hours to achieve results. Just an hour of these exercise sessions charges the body with high doses of energy. It releases endorphins which induces positivity by reducing stress. When there is movement in all parts of the body, you naturally get rid of lethargy or laziness.

Toned Muscles

Once started with Pilates regularly, you will be surprised to notice favorable changes in the body immediately. Easily get those toned muscles that you have always dreamt of. Due to regular exercise, your body starts shedding extra weight which helps you stay in shape. Stay slim, lean and fit.

Tailor it To Your Needs

Pilates classes will identify and tailor workout programs for each individual. Every individual is different and certified instructors will help you with a unique set of movements that they think you need the most. The instructors will supervise and guide you throughout and help you stay motivated to stick to the routine.

Perfect Body Shape

This is quite obvious. Doing pilates will certainly tone your body and help stay in great shape. Physical exercises such as pilates improve flexibility and prevents from developing obese conditions. Your tendency to stay inactive and lazy is dramatically reduced and there is more vigor and energy than before.

Prevents Slouching

Posture related problems are causing troubles for everyone. While sitting or standing, people compromise their posture not knowing that it affects their body adversely. Pilates strengthens the neck, back and hip areas and encourages to maintain a correct posture every time. You learn a lot about having correct postures while performing simple day-to-day tasks with the help of Pilates.

Eliminates Back Pain

Another major problem that people face today is back pain. And the worst part is that even young adults are victims of severe back pains. It is not good to suffer such problems at an early age. Joining a pilates class will compel you to hold your backbone straight at all times and help you increase the strength.


There are many ways for improving physical fitness and remaining physically active like doing yoga, pilates or even joining gymnastics classes Dubai. Be sure to continue practicing exercises regularly to witness positive outcomes.


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