Material Handling Equipment UAE

Tools and equipment in material handling have four main types of tools that improve your companies work efficiency and productivity , these material handling equipment UAE have different categories and these categories are divided like this depending on the type of job that needs to be carried out and done by them, and these four major subdivisions are tools for storing and handling, the industrial trucks, the bulk material handling tools, and engineered systems.

These types that have been listed above all have a particular use and skill they specialize at and work more properly in that category and also are more useful in their specialized category. You can get more details on each of the listed tools for handling of materials below.

Tools for Storing and Handling

These are mainly non-automated tools; they are mainly used to save and hold products when they are not being active for a purpose or not going to be moved for a while. This is used when a company is trying to build up their stock and have a larger number of goods and materials before making shipments.

A good example of this is the stacking frames, racks, shelves, bin, and drawers.

All these are methods of storage that help keep the goods in a neat and orderly fashion and help improve orderliness in your company, like the racks for example, they stack up things in racks in different ways while also saving ground space so more things could be brought in and kept properly.

Industrial Trucks

These are transportation vehicles used to move items and materials, these shipping vehicles could be pallet Jack, forklifts, and some small hand trucks. The transporting vehicle comes in different ways and all have different purposes and roles that they play in the relocation of goods, they also have different features that makes them best for a particular operation, there are trucks that are mainly used for loading, while there are other trucks that are used for both loading and shipping, and also some that are just used for movement of goods only.

Bulk Material Handling Tools

As the name implies these are tools that promote the safe keeping of goods and loads in bulk supply, they normally handle the items that care not packed or in solid form, and these materials could be either food, minerals, or more. A perfect example of this could be a conveyor, a reclaimer, stackers, grain and bucket elevators, hopers and others.

Engineer Systems

This deals with a unit who works for the betterment of multiple sectors and points like to provide storage and movement and are mainly automated.

The best example of this is the well-known automated storage, there are also some Electromech Middle East that are great in this aspect. A conveyor system is also a good example of this, and they come in different types so you can make your pick for what best suits the situation at hand.


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