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If you go shopping at the best carpets UAE suppliers, you can easily understand the difference between various carpets. Randomly picking one without understanding the peculiarities of each is not a good idea. In order to help with the selection process, this article contains basic information about the most common carpets and how they differ from each other. Accordingly, choose the most ideal carpet perfectly matching all requirements. These floor covering solutions mainly are differentiated by fiber, construction, texture.

Fiber basically means the material which constitutes the rug. Construction indicates process of manufacturing while texture relates to the way fibers are attached to surface.


Most carpets are made using either nylon, polyester, olefin and wool. Each fiber has its own advantages.

  1. Nylon is characterized by its stain-resistant properties making it ideal for areas that receive heavy footfall. People with pets at home can proceed with these carpets.
  2. Polyester is available in lots of color options. They can fit in places that have moderate levels of traffic.
  3. Olefin is not better than above two mentioned fibers though it resists some extent.
  4. People buy an Afghani carpet mainly because of attractiveness and beauty. They easily light up the room with visual appeal.


Tufting machines are utilized for production of such floor covering solutions. How many fibers are stitched as well as tightness determine endurance of carpets.

    1. Twists per inch greatly alter strength of carpet. The more the better. It is highly recommended to tightly twist the yarn for a strong and sturdy product.
    2. Density relates to number of fibers which are tightly woven together. If the fibers seem close to each other packed with absolute tightness, they will certainly turn out as robust and sturdy.


Manner in which the fibers are fixed together is the factor that determines the texture.

Cut-Pile: The first type is soft and have ends that are cut.

Loop: It is an uncut but looped surface carpet. Pile height, if you notice carefully, can be low or high which serves as a suitable option for heavily exposed areas.

Cut-Loop: Characterized by high cut and low loops, these are basically a blend of both the above-mentioned variations. However, loop carpets are comparatively more long-lasting.


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